#565: 84L Dutch Aquascape Nature of Mind

Paramet Menkhao Wangthong district,, Thailand

Awards and Comments


— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Nature of Mind
Volume 84L
Background black correx board
Lighting PL 55 w * 2
Filtration Eheim 2215, Pumice rock
Plants Microsorum pteropus var. Trident , Bolbitis heudelotii ,Rotala SP. " Nanjenshan",Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Weeping moss,Rotala sp. 'Green', Rotala sp. 'Colorata',New Large Pearl Grass,Marsileaceae,Cryptocoryne wendtil "Brown",Cryptocoryne Nevilli ,Cryptocoryne Undulata,Cryptocoryne "affinis"
Animals Lambchop Rasbora,Spiral horn snail,Red Cherry Shrimp ,Para Octocin, Coral Red Pencilfish.
Materials driftwood Thailand , Mountain rock of thailand ,ADA Amazonia , Power Sand S,
Additional Information Ferka Stemma, Green Brighty STEP 3 , Brighty K ,

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