#569: 60L Aquatic Garden Dance of Fireflies

Nelson Paguinto Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Awards and Comments

Third Place
I'm not usually that fond of arches but these gnarly branches close-covered with moss really speak to me!
— Karen Randall
Very nice tank must be difficult to prune plants. good job.
— Kam Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 35 cm
Title Dance of Fireflies
Volume 60L
Background Colored paper
Lighting T5 HO X 2, LED Strips 15w X 2
Filtration Eheim Ecco 2234
Plants fissidens fontanus, rotala rotundifolia, rotala wallichi, bucephalandra sp., staurogyne sp., cryptocoryne lucens, elatine orientalis, ceratopteris thalicroides sp. laos, fontinalis antipyretica, vesicularia ferriei, pogostemon helfer, didiplis diandra, taxiphyllum sp.
Animals poropanchax normani x 15
Hyphessobrycon amandae x 5
otocinclus x 2
Neocaridina denticulata denticulata
Materials Driftwood:Hornwood, Slimwood,
Rocks: Garden rock,Yamaya and Koke stones
Substrate: ADA Amazonia, ADA Nile Sand
Additional Information CO2:Do Aqua CO2 Starter Kit, In-line Co2 diffuser.
Fertilizers: ADA Step 3, Seachem Excel Flourish, Flourish tabs

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