#579: 84L Aquatic Garden Greener pastures

Patrik Bäck Gothenburg, Sweden

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Greener pastures
Volume 84L
Background White paper background lit with a fluorescent tube.
Lighting 4 times 24 W t5 fluorescent tubes.
Filtration JBL CristalProfi e701 external filter.
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides, Hydrocotyle tripartita & Vesicularia montagnei.
Animals 19 Paracheirodon simulans, 7 Otocinclus sp. 9 Caridina multidentata, 3 Neocaridina heteropoda & 3 Caridina cantonensis.
Materials Substrate: Fluval shrimp/plant stratum Hardscape: Grey mountain rock and twig of Sorbus hybrida for the tree.
Additional Information Tropica fertilizers ,Premium & Specialised, added weekly. Standard dosage of both. Co2: 1 bubble per second. 50% water change weekly. Been running for about four months in the picture.

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