#357: 640L Dutch Aquascape home aquarium

daniel deacu Calarasi, Romania


SO much red and leaves shapes that look the same causes the aquascape to look a bit chaotic. Put more green in it and make stronger plant groups; both will help getting the aquascape look better.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 65 × 55 cm
Title home aquarium
Volume 640L
Background black sticker
Lighting 12x 39W t5 bulbs. osram, grolux and giesmann
Filtration external sump. 140liters with an Jebao 4000liters/hour pump
Plants ludwigia repens rubin, bacopa caroliniana, blixa japonica, macrandra. rotala butterfly, rotala macrandra green, macrandra narrow leaf, eichornia diversifolia, pogostemon stellata, pogostemon kymberley, tonina belem, tonina fluviatilis, echinodorus ozelot red, echinodorus bleheri, ludwigia ovalis, limnophila aromatica and belem, proserpinaca palustris, eriocaulon cinereum, moss( xmas, flame, brazil, distichopylum sp. ) hygrophilla pinnatifida and corymbosa, gratiola viscidula.
Animals black tetras, neon tetras, calistus, gourami, botia macracanta, guppy's
Materials inert gravel and some rock under the moss.
Additional Information pressurized CO2, internal reactor with 520liter/hour pump to compensate the sump gas exchange, HerbaAquatic ferts.water change made it with tap water.

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