#212: 500L Dutch Aquascape

Jaap Liefting Leiderdorp, Netherlands


Nice aquascape and healthy looking plants. However not quite the Dutch style we are looking for in this category.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 70 × 55 cm
Volume 500L
Background Black painted background glas
Lighting 240 Watt LED
Filtration Eheim 800 l/min canister filter
Plants 1 Bacopa australis
2 Cryptocoryne spiralis var. caudigera
3 Schismatoglottis prietoi
4 Limnophila hippurioides
5 Limnophila indica 'mini'
6 Blyxa japonica
7 Aponogeton robinsonii
8 Ludwigia inclinata verticillata 'white'
9 Bucephalandra sp. 'brownie'
10 Nymphaea minuta, Hygrophila difformes
11 Taxiphyllum sp. 'flame'
12 Myriophyllum sp. 'Roraima', Vallisneria spiralis
13 Nymphaea gardneriana 'santarem', Lobelia cardinalis 'wavy'
Animals 8 Procatopus similis
50 Paracheirodon simulans
25 Hyphessobrycon sweglesi
3 Aplocheilus lineatus
20 Japonica shrimps
Materials Substrate is filtersand
No wood, no rocks, nothing else
Additional Information Additional 4500 l/h sicce flow pump, CO2 dosing.
Left side is closed, right side of tank is open.

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