#722: 13L Aquatic Garden Forgotten Forest

Heri Amir Malang, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

First Place
Very intense layout with so many details. The choice of the lens was perfect because if another wide angle lens would be used maybe the reflections would not be interesting. The foreground should be more used. For me it got a little crushed in the front glass.
— André Longarco
Great work. Diagonal rock/wood work adds a sense of dynamism to the aquascape. Level of detail and finishing in this aquascape is phenomenal. Meticulous blending of different textures and details give depth to a small space; great demonstration of technique to give added dimensions to a small space rather than just resorting to the common method of forced perspective rock-lined pathways.
— Dennis Wong
Really lovely scape but I wish you had chosen something other than albino fish. They detract rather than add anything. However the lines of the wood are lyrical.
— Karen Randall
Very intricate work. Some variation in the foreground would have improved this layout.
— Jeff Miotke

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 18 × 24 cm
Title Forgotten Forest
Volume 13L
Background white paint
Lighting ADA Aquasky Moon LED 301
Filtration SUNSUN HW-602B
Plants Buchepalandra, Mini Christmass, weeping, ricardia, Flame, Rotala Walichi
Animals neon albino tetra
Materials santigi wood. seiryu stone

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