#700: 26L Aquatic Garden ONE FAITH part 2

Matthew Israel O. Manes Paranaque City, Philippines

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Amazing perspective sense! Very hard to reach this kind of result in such a small tank. Maybe the layout could reach more points if the foreground had more details like small rocks and gravel. Another point of attention is the massive repetition of layers... But overall this work is awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!
— André Longarco
While this approach has been done countless times in planted competitions technically this is executed well given the small tank space. Some of the wood placement seem contrived as it is overly regular.
— Dennis Wong
I'm not a great fan of this style of aquascape but this has clearly been done by someone very talented in this type of work. The only part that draws my eye negatively is the marching line of little trees in the back They are too straight and regular and the "ground line" below them is too regular so you end up with a bar of bright across the top of a predominantly dark 'scape. Still this is an impressive job in such a small tank!
— Karen Randall
Very strong layout. I would have liked to see the sand carried up the valley.
— Jeff Miotke

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 26 cm
Title ONE FAITH part 2
Volume 26L
Background no
Lighting DYMAX rex led light full sepectrum
Filtration sunsun 603b
Plants christmas moss,
hairgrass, rotala vietnam, rotala green,
2 different sp. of bucephalandra
Animals ember tetra, neocaridina shrimps
Materials tweety woods, local driftwoods, local stone
Additional Information I put less light in front to create shadows and to achieve the depth

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