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I could enjoy and am surprised by every wonderful work.
So many works show me their beauty and good composition of hardscape. But I can not find so many well balanced aquarium between fishes and plants.
I hope to find more brilliant fishes in well balanced beautiful plants wood and rocks as like in their habitat.
— Masashi Ono
Unfortunately in the history of contests we always live with some attempts at cheating and ways to take advantage illegally.

Sometimes in their eagerness to seek perfection people forget that Nature is not perfect and that’s exactly what makes it so fascinating...They forgot that perfection is a virtue created by man and that nothing resembles Nature.
"The Wabi Sabi" concept justifies and explains this with mastery.

I want to believe that after these disqualifications this unprecedented search for victory glory or perfection will be banned forever from aquascaping contests because at this way we lose the main course the goal and the real reason for all this.
We do not compete with against other but against ourselves. Year after year we want to prove to ourselves that we can be better and that the evolution is inevitable.

The result is just the result what really matters is what was learned during the process.

Those who do not have Nature in their own hearts cannot recreate Nature and walk through it.
Aquascapers please believe more in your talent in your soul and forget the easy way.
More simplicity more connection with Nature.
Less superb and vanity.
In conclusion this year's edition was marked by the advent of the COVID-19 which devastated the planet and kept everyone at home isolated. However I can say that aquascaping and aquarism were decisive so that we could go through this difficult period in harmony and well being.
Each aquascaper who dedicated their time and care during the pandemic to caring for and developing their layout was able to feel and enjoy the benefits of Nature.
Thank you very much to the entire Aquascaping community worldwide for believing and participating in this renowned contest. It is indisputable proof that together we are stronger.
See you in the next edition.
— Andre Longarco
Many friends still ask me why I prefer to be a judge in AGA and lose the opportunity to participate as a contestant. Wow ... what a paradox right? There is no instant of doubt the honor of being part of the AGA family as a judge and the possibility of evaluating the great masterpieces presented this year is something that cannot be expressed only in words it is an honor and a responsibility that it's a gift from heaven.

In this harsh year of pandemic I observe that the level of the aquariums has increased perhaps a longer stay at home has favored this situation. I am excited to see that AGA is a contest that each year brings together the best aquariums of each year.

Now I must talk about a really bad month in my life during that period each of the aquarium disqualifications appeared many of them from close people who invaded my heart with restlessness and hopelessness. The illegal editing of photography the addition of elements in an artificial way must be pursued and part of our hobby. The competitions should be an engine to promote the creation of great works the connection of aquascapers with Nature and an escape valve to everyday life. Let's be competitive with honor. Let's be creative with passion and respect for Nature and above all for the rules. Let's enjoy this hobby being honest with ourselves and let's not fall into vanity and ego. It is said by someone who for many years made a mistake in the way of approaching the fans someone who did not enjoy as he should and made a mistake on the way.

I wish all the participants the best of luck we hope that the comments made will serve to enhance your skills.
An honor that 2020 has given me judging the 20th anniversary of AGA.
— Juan Puchades

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