#118: 26L Aquatic Garden The start of my journey

David roberts Shrewsbury, England


Great job in a small cube!!! A lot of details and a great planning of spaces. Very good planting skill I just miss more foreground plants. The path could be more natural without garden appearance.
The name of the work was very well chosen... I can even imagine you walking through the path starting your journey... Maybe I will go with you to keep you company next time.
Please try to use a rectangle (16:9 ratio) proportion aquarium in the next time. I really want to see your next job in this proportion. Congratulations.
— Andre Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Title The start of my journey
Volume 26L
Background White frosted film
Lighting 2 x 10w led floodlights 6500k
Filtration Eheim skim 350 bottom section.
Plants Monte carlo, hygrophila pinnatifida, marselia crenata, buce lamadua mini, java moss,
Animals No livestock
Materials Ada Colorado sand, dragon stone, redmoor roots
Additional Information This is my first real scape tank which i created to help focus my mind during the covid 19 lockdown. I didnt really start with an idea but created as i went. Powered by tropica soil powder and tnc complete ferts.

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