#137: 160L Biotope Aquascape Tan Shan River, tributary of Ng Tung River, New Territories, Hong Kong

Xavier Bourdet Heule, Belgium


General Impression/Faithful Reproduction of Biotope:
This simplistic display is an elegant but spartan representation of a habitat that is described as being an important ecosystem that is rich in flora and fauna. While the fish (one species) layout and water current are technically correct this biotope is incomplete.

Accuracy of Plants and Animal for Biotope:
This biotope should have more than one species of animal and should probably have plants although it is accepted that in the middle of the flow where the current is strongest there are probably not many plants.

Accuracy of Hardscape:
The photos and videos of the natural habitat show rock that is fractured and somewhat weathered in sizes ranging from large to gravel. The rocks in this scape are too uniform in shape and there is not enough range in size.

The water is clear and the fish appear to be very healthy.
— Ted Judy

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Tan Shan River, tributary of Ng Tung River, New Territories, Hong Kong
Volume 160L
Background The aquarium background is a black aquarium vinyl.
Lighting The lighting is a EHEIM classic LED daylight (up to 6500K), powered by a EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night.
Filtration The aquarium is equipped with a large canister filter; the JBL CristalProfi e1501 greenline (1400l/h), and a streaming pump; the EHEIM streamON+ 3500 (with a maximum capacity of 3500l/h).
Plants None
Animals Rhinogobius Duospilus
Materials The decoration of this aquarium was acquired to resemble the natural biotope as close as possible without hurting it's natural environment. (or any natural environment) The bottom layer of the aquarium consists of river sand with a grain size of 0.8mm, artificial river stones protrude from the sand. The appearance of the sand is affected by the water current and the fish burrowing, leaving a build up of sand around the stones giving it a natural feel.
Additional Information Hok Tau and Lau Shui Heung Reservoirs, located in the upper course of Ng Tung River, were built in 1968, with the purpose of collecting and diverting water from nearby streams to Plover Cove Reservoir. Meanwhile, some river water is used to irrigate adjacent farmland. This section of the river, named as Tan Shan River, is one of the main tributaries of Ng Tung River. Tan Shan River is natural with excellent water quality, and it has been designated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department as an “Ecologically Important Stream”. The river supports a diversity of flora and fauna. Notably, it provides
an important habitat for dragonflies.

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