#145: 60L Aquatic Garden Tag those clouds and the forest

吳京亮 斗六市, Taiwan

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Tag those clouds and the forest
Volume 60L
Lighting 2盞LOZ S1桶燈
Filtration 2桶10L不繡鋼桶搭配酷魚水陸DC-1500
Plants 尖葉葉底紅、玫瑰葉底紅、新大珍珠、挖耳草、聖甲蟲、日本珍珠草、大紅葉、豹紋血心蘭、袖珍小榕、袖珍青葉柳、辣椒榕
Animals 紅蓮燈、亞洲紅鼻、紅衣夢幻旗、小精靈、巧克力娃娃
Materials 青龍石
Additional Information 穩妥妥的青龍石凹型構圖搭配荷蘭風是我最喜歡的造景。看著成景圖時心中出現綠色森林和天上一團白雲,於是奇怪的作品名稱就出現了~ [The secure blue dragon stone concave composition with Dutch style is my favorite landscape. When I looked at the scene, I saw a green forest and a cloud of white clouds in the sky, so the strange title of the work appeared~]

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