#148: 140L Aquatic Garden Balcony aquarium

Van Thien Quoc Dung Ho chi minh city, Vietnam

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 240 × 17 × 35 cm
Title Balcony aquarium
Volume 140L
Background City view
Lighting Natural sunlight at day time;
Normal led light 5w/m x 2m night time
Filtration External aquatic filter with uv light (in) & Co2 mix (out)
Plants Sunset Hygro
Mini taiwan
Java moss
Anubias nana
Pink & green rotala Vietnam
Animals Boraras: 100;
Nerita: 100;
Paracheirodon innesi: 50;
Red cherry shrimp: 50;
Caridina gracilirostris: 50;
Brachygobius doriae: 30;
Tiger shrimp: 10;
Corudoras pygmaeus: 10;
Apple snail: 3;
Dwarf gourami: 2;
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 2;
Epalzeorhynchos frenatum: 1;
Materials black seiryu stone;
White soils;
Additional Information Equipped with an electric curtain to control the sunlight and an automatic water replacing to control the water quality. Also, all tank’s accessories (filter, uv, co2, curtain, oxygen, light, pump...) are connected to the Internet, which helps to set the automation scene so the Tank has it-self operating

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