#165: 243L Biotope Aquascape 南山溪岸 [South Mountain Creekside]

WeiliangZhang Xiamen,Fujian, China


There is not enough information about this aquarium to judge it as a biotope. Please include a specific location (such as the name of a river/lake/stream and where it is at) a description of the microhabitat the reproduction represents and the scientific names of the plants and animals in the aquarium.
— Ted Judy
This is much more aquascape than biotope.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title 南山溪岸 [South Mountain Creekside]
Volume 243L
Lighting 尼特利筒灯*
Filtration 创星cf-1200
Plants 美国纽兰 、绿蒂温椒草 、大红椒草 [Newland, Green pepper grass, Red pepper grass]
Animals 高体鳑鲏 、吸鳅 、河虾 、 溪蟹、[Sea lobster, bird catcher, shellfish, freshwater lobster, shell crab]
Materials 溪流石 、巢湖沙
Additional Information 灵感源于家乡小溪流,那一份原生的感觉 [Inspired by a small stream in my hometown, the feeling of being native.]

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