#207: 7L Wabi-Kusa Streamlet 溪涧

BeiBei Zhang NANJING, China

Awards and Comments


Very pretty Wabi-Kusa with great use of natural driftwood and stone to create the aquascape. The Oenanthe thomsonii although a marsh plant is not truly an aquatic plant. Good job.

Use of terrestrial plants.
— Bailin Shaw
Oenanthe thomsonii grows in marshy meadows and riverbank streams but does not appear to be an aquatic plant. Like the detail in the water area and good sense of depth in the piece.
— Jo Ann Fujii
I don’t think Oenanthe thomsonii is an aquatic plant...
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 18 cm
Title Streamlet 溪涧
Volume 7L
Lighting ONF NANO
Filtration immersible pump
Plants Oenanthe thomsonii,moss, Hygrophila Araguaia,myriophyllum hippuroides,lemna minor,etc.
Animals Atyoidae
Materials tiny drift woods& little tree branches

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