#226: 172L Aquatic Garden Pure and simple

Erimia Adrian Botosani, Romania

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 48 × 40 cm
Title Pure and simple
Volume 172L
Background No
Lighting Lamp led diy, band led red and white 8m
Filtration 1 jbl 901 - 900l/h
1 sun sun 402 - 1000l/h
Plants Red tiger lotus, nymphoides hydrophylla "taiwan", glossostigma elatinoides, alternanthera reinikii mini, hygrophila pinnatifida, anubias nana, vesicularia ferriei "weeping", hemianthus micranthemoides, rotala sp. green, moss drepanocladus aduncus
Animals 20 rodostomus bleheri "red nose"
Red cherry shrimps
Materials Ista soil shrimps, driftwood, stone "no name"
Additional Information Fertilization diy Fe, PO4, NO3
Addition co2 - 2b/s

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