#228: 55L Aquatic Garden lively litlle nature

Javier Lozano Rotterdam, Netherlands

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 48 × 34 × 34 cm
Title lively litlle nature
Volume 55L
Background clear background
Lighting ZJL 40A (cheap) RGB Led light
990 lumen, 7500K, 7,5 watts
Filtration JBL crystalprofi 402e
filtermedia: Eheim substrate pro.
Plants Alternanthera Rosanervig,
Anubias nana petite,
Bucephalandra needle leaf,
Bucephalandra theia,
Bucephalandra Sp red,
Cryptocotyne nevelli,
Limnophila hippuridoides,
Hydrocotyle tripartita,
Ludwigia glandulosa,
Lobelia cardinalis mini,
Lobelia cardinalis,
Rotala bonsai,
Monte Carlo micromantem,
Animals 10 Rasbora Brigittae,
4 Ottocynclus affinus,
4 dwarf Corydora,
2 Amber tetra's,
14 Amano shrimp,
100 orso Bloody Mary shrimp,
2 nerite snails
Materials Tropica substrate and Tropica soil
Cosmetic sand, ADA collorado sand
Dragonstone and Talawa wood
Additional Information Hello to you all, hope you are all fine.
This little nature aquarium is running for almost a year now, inspired by nature, i wanted a aquascape with a lot of plants and live stock, but also nice to look at for at least 2 years,because its stands i my livingroom, so i see it every day, and this is what i created, i didnt use any glue or rope, and the foto is pure ( no photoshop).
daily maintenance 5 to 10 min
weekly waterchange 40%, 45 to 60 min. filter cleaning once every 4 to 5 weeks, i never replace the filtermedia, only wash the pre-sponsfilter, and i wash the filtermedia with water out of the tank, cleaning pipes and replace tubes once every 3 to 4 months.
fertilizer, Tropica specialised nutrition 1 pump daily,liquid carbon from easy life 2 cc per week,potassium and iron from seachem but only once a month 1 cc. i really enjoy this tank, love this hobby.

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