#245: 76L Aquatic Garden HALMA

Iván Contreras Badajoz, Spain

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Undoubtedly one of the aquariums that I liked the most in the category and in the case of triangular structures the best executed in the contest. Thanks to its simplicity elegance and perfect distribution of the planting and its colors this assembly achieves with very few elements create a feeling of perfect harmony. Brilliant work indeed. My congratulations.
— Juan Puchades

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 32 cm
Volume 76L
Background lightscreen made by me
Lighting Chihiros RGB VIVID
Filtration Eheim professionel 4+ (1050l/h)
Plants callitrichoides cuba,monte carlo,eleocharis mini,hidrocotyle tripartita,hidrocotyle verticillata,flame moss,chritsmas moss,fissidens fontanus,riccardia chamedrifolia,bucephalandra mini coin,bucephalandra theia blue,bucephalandra mini cherry,echinodorus palefolius,cryptocoryne albida brown,cryptocoryne balansae,anubia nana bonsai,ludwigia mini-super-red,tiger lotus red,vallisneria spiralis,vallisneria nana,vallisneria tiger var.red,rotala h´ra vietnam,limnophila mini vietnam,staurogyne repens
Animals hyphessobrycon amandae and Neocaridina orange/red sakura
Materials Substrate: NeoSOIL
Hardscape: local rocks and mangrove

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