#328: 128L Biotope Aquascape Tidal pool near the inlet of Yantai, Shandong

Zhanglixian jinan, China

Awards and Comments

Third Place
General Impression/Faithful Reproduction of Biotope:
Overall very nice but the layout and rock arrangement uses a lot of smaller rocks that would not likely be so neatly aligned and balanced in a tidal zone especially if there is wave action. Larger rocks that can withstand the action of the currents would be more typical.

Accuracy of Plants and Animals for Biotope:
Impressive community of creatures

Accuracy of Hardscape:
See comments about size of stones

The water appears to be pristine and the livestock in excellent health.
— Ted Judy
Would mudskippers really be found in such a rocky biotope? They aren't in most other parts of the world!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Tidal pool near the inlet of Yantai, Shandong
Volume 128L
Background Reefs mined in the original land, sea sand mined in the original land
Lighting TOD Light, Ihan Simple 250 and Red Sea Star Mini Egg
Filtration EHEIM classic filter bucket
Plants Ulva pertusa、Caulerpa lentillifera、Sargassum sp.
Animals Tridentiger trigonocephalus、Tridentiger bifasciatus、Omobranchus elegans 、Ernogrammus hexagrammus、Dictyosoma burgeri、Periophthalmus modestus、Palaemon pacificus、Pagurus lanuginosus、Lunella correensis、Planaxis sulcatus、Cellana toreuma、Mytilus edulis
Materials some rocks and sand
Additional Information At the western end of E121.57948784814324N37.44877810444495 Yangma Island, this place is very close to the entrance of the Xin'an River, so the salinity here is very low.

On the strata, Yangma Island is a metamorphic rock island dominated by marble. Along the coast of Yangma Island, there are Cenozoic Quaternary strata, alluvial ~ marine deposits. Its thickness varies from place to place, generally about 25 meters. Its lithology is from top to bottom: first, gravel. Sand is mainly quartz, feldspar, light yellow and black minerals, with different particle size and good grinding roundness; gravel is mainly gneiss with a diameter of 1~10 cm, good grinding roundness and thickness of 11 meters; second, muddy clay sand, grayish brown and gray-black, containing more fine silt and humus, poor viscoplasticity. This part of the rock is characterized by the development of complex carbonate rocks with a large amount of graphite and metasomatic iron ore.

Yangma Island is located in Rushan ~ Weihai Fu anticline west wing, anticline axis from Rushan Taiyi north east through the main peak of Kunju Mountain, Wendeng Wang Tuan, Weihai Huancui District Yangting, in Huancui District Tian Village, axial north east. The first rock section of the second rock group of Jiaodong rock group forms the core part and the second rock section forms two wings. Due to the influence of many magmatic activities, the fold morphology is seriously destroyed. Yangma Island-Kongtong Island fault zone is a north-west tension fault, distributed in Muping Outer Sea, similar to the Penglai-Weihai fault zone also through Muping Outer Sea. Its fracture scale is large, about 100 km long ,5~50 meters wide.

The bedrock exposed along the coast of Yangma Island is mostly metamorphic rock in the middle and deep region of the Lower Proterozoic. Its lithology is mainly mixed granite. The formation is the second rock section of Jiaodong Group in Lower Proterozoic. The lithology is mainly gneiss, granulite and amphibolite. In some headland areas, metamorphic gran

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