#330: 202L Aquatic Garden Into the woods

Swapan Baruah Karnal, India


The front half of the tank is very nicely done. It starts to fall apart a bit blending the midground into the background.
— Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 60 × 37 cm
Title Into the woods
Volume 202L
Background Frosted sheet
Lighting LED 45 watts and 60 watts, photoperiod 7hours
Filtration External canister filter, sunsun HW-304A
Plants Alternanthera reineckii mini, rotola rotundifoia red, staurogyne repon, echinodorus tenellus, hydrocotyle tripartita, micranthemum Monte Carlo, weeping moss, mini Xmas moss, Eleocharis parvula, egeria najas, black tears, Catherine red, micro belinade
Animals 10 cardinal tetra, 3 neon tetra, red cherry shrimp
Materials Ada amazonian II, Nile river sand, syrieu rocks, driftwood
Additional Information I tried to scape brazilian style this time hope I justified it. I use Ada substrate as it didn't leaching and can be reuse. Fertilizer I use seachem as it gives best results

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