#340: 19L Aquatic Garden Lowlands

Andreas Ruppert-Flerlage Frechen, Germany


Selection of all items in this scape is wonderful!
— Masashi Ono
No risk but soft and elegant atmosphere. This is a tank that I love but I feel it needs a bit more to raise it to the highest places.
— Juan Puchades

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 23 × 24 cm
Title Lowlands
Volume 19L
Background Frost glas foil
Lighting Aqualighter LED 930lm
Filtration Oase BioCompact 25
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba, Eleocharis mini, Riccardia spec., Hemianthus glomeratus, different small Bucephalandra
Animals Neocaridina davidi "Red Sakura";
Boraras brigittae only temporarily for the photo
Materials Ancient stone
Additional Information Normaly there are no fish in the tank because I consider it is too small to keep fish.

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