#400: 18L Paludarium Volcanic rocks.swamp

Zhanglixian jinan, China


Nicely done but I would have begun the 3 slanted stones more to the right so they would have ended farther away from glass wall.
— Cory Nudelman
This setup looks very natural and resembles something you'd see in nature. I enjoy the selection and textures of the plants as well. The water feature looks like it's filled with algae or cyanobacteria so I'm not sure how viable this will be long-term.
— Tanner Serpa
This is another of those "just barely a paludarium" tanks. A tiny skim of water on the bottom does not make the tank a paludarium in the meaning of this contest.

That said it is a lovely display in its own right and valuable from that perspective!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Title Volcanic rocks.swamp
Volume 18L
Background None
Lighting COB lamp, bamboo board micro-view lamp
Filtration No
Plants 禾叶狸藻Utricularia bifida、小白兔狸藻Utricularia sandersonii 、利维达狸藻Utricularia livida、瓦堡狸藻Utricularia warburgii 、黄花狸藻Utricularia aurea、丝叶狸藻Utricularia gibba、金丝绒茅膏菜Drosera x(nitidula x pulchella)、孔雀茅膏菜Drosera paradoxa、勺叶茅膏菜Drosera spatulata、圆切捕虫堇Pinguicula cyclosecta、爱丝捕虫堇Pinguicula esseriana、宝贝捕蝇草Dionaea muscipula、全绿捕蝇草Dionaea muscipula、小叶冷水花Pilea microphylla、松萝凤梨Tillandsia usneoides、银粉背蕨Aleuritopteris argentea、伏石蕨Lemmaphyllum microphyllum、某铁角蕨Asplenium sp.、某凤尾蕨Pteris sp.、黑心蕨Doryopteris concolor、某凤尾藓Fissidens sp.、地钱Marchantia polymorpha、大叶藓Rhodobryum roseum、匐灯藓Plagiomnium cuspidatum、钝叶匐灯藓Plagi omnium rostratum、 moss Gollania clarescens、 moss Fissidens exilis etc
Animals Daphnia Daphnia、 Jevus Poduridae、 a snail's Kaliella
Materials water moss, insect-eating soil, volcanic rock particles
Additional Information This is a delicate and small landscape, inspired by the recent ecological environment was seriously damaged by excess tourists Dingan Jiuwentang cold spring.
Through humidifier, evaporation of water and transpiration of plants, the landscape realizes the fluctuation of water level (once every two days), which makes the landscape closer to the natural environment.

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