#441: 3L Wabi-Kusa Natures Way

Sam Harlen Melbourne, Australia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Beautiful traditional Wabi-Kusa! Very well designed moss covered substrate ball and good use of a variety of stem plants with beautiful flowers! Well done!
— Bailin Shaw
Love the dish stand and monstera in the back! Looks better from the top where you can see the blue of the dish and contrast with the yellow/pink in the plants. Do like the green moss contrast with the yellow plants although it might have been a little too monochromatic on the plants if you're looking from the side view.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Pretty peaceful and serene. I wish it were not quite so top-heavy looking. Maybe with a little more time to grow down around the ball. Kudos for getting it to bloom though!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
Title Natures Way
Volume 3L
Lighting Natural sunlight
Plants Rotala rotundifolia, hydrocotyle tripartita, ludwigia repens, ludwiga arcuata, taxiphyllum sp.
Materials Concrete Dish
Substrate Ball
Additional Information Length, Width and Height are the approx. total dimensions of the wabi kusa
The dish is 35mm high and holds approx. 100ml water

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