#457: 36L Aquatic Garden Dragon creek

Zachary Ryan Anzaldi Viera Melbourne, United States


Such natural feelings!
— Masashi Ono

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 27 × 30 cm
Title Dragon creek
Volume 36L
Background Black tinted glass
Lighting Twin start 450e 6-10 hours
Filtration Built in sump
Plants bolbitis heudelotii

Microsorum pteropus


anubias barteri
Animals x8 Phoenix Rasbora
Materials black seiryu stone
Seachem florite black
Magnolia leaves
Oak leaves
Alder cones
Oak twigs
Palm grape stems
Black blasting sand
Additional Information Cool gadgets I use
• twin star algae inhibitor
• Diy co2 from Aquaero
Special techniques I used
• I did not add fish for 4 months so the establishment of the plants could happen, also this gave me time to kill off any algae spors and existing algae using hydrogen peroxide and my algae inhibitor. I also use my own recipe to fill my aquaero diy co2 canister. The last thing I did was use ribose tea to ad a slight tint to the aquarium water, most of the time you would see this as a black water tank but the blue light from the twin star offsets the red tones and makes the greens appear brighter and the darker components of the aquarium darker resulting in tvery high contrast color. So in conclusion tinting water can be for any tank not just black water.

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