#458: 60L Aquatic Garden Just Believe

Cleber Sá dos Santos Curitiba, Brazil

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm
Title Just Believe
Volume 60L
Background withe wall
Lighting led. FW KRV5 eco lamps.
Filtration eheim classic 250
Plants rotala butterfly, rotala colorata, rotala indica, rotala H´ra, ludwigia senegaliensis, limnophila vietnan, staurogyne sp. repens, fissidens fontanus, bucephalandra, anubia nana petit, callitrich sp, eleocharis minima, hemianthus micrantemoides, hemiantus callitrichoides (cuba), collected moss, echinodorus blood.
Animals 25 rasboras arlequin, 30 shrimp malawas.
Materials substrate pocke sollum (pocket river aqua), malasia rock, collected roots from grapevine
Additional Information 12-hour photoperiod and intense liquid fertilization.

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