#494: 16L Aquatic Garden The Shrimp Den

Deshan Gunaratna Colombo, Sri Lanka

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 21 × 23 cm
Title The Shrimp Den
Volume 16L
Background Black sticker
Lighting LED white and blue normal over head light (16 white & 4 blue bulbs) and 20 pink bulb strip on the back
Filtration HOB sponge filter with few active charcoal insude
Plants Rotala nanjenshan
Rotala red
Rotala wallichii
Hygrophila diffomis
Hair grass
Anubias nana
Christmas moss
Red tiger lotus
Animals Red, black, blue and yellow shrimps.
15 adults and many newly born babies
Materials Dragon stones and a driftwood stick
Additional Information This is my 1st planted tank and made it during pandemic. 3 months old and done 4 times trimming. Used ocean free substrate with red sand and using Seachem Iron and locally made all in one fertilizer. This was a simple Den shape hardscape and later added a moss drift wood to make a fallen tree effect.

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