#502: 96L Aquatic Garden The Creation of Swordtail

Alex Junior Correa dos Passos Itajai, Brazil

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Title The Creation of Swordtail
Volume 96L
Background Blue and white vinil
Lighting No brand lighting 1200lm
Filtration Hang-on filter with matrix and purigen
Plants Anubia barteri nana
Rotala Sp "Pink"
Limnophila sessiliflora
Microsorum Pteropus
Nymphaea sp. Rubra
Callitriche sp
Hydrocotyle Tripartita sp Mini
Animals 13 fish
Molly gold black lyretail
Black Molly
Regular Guppy
Koy Guppy
Materials Substrate Amazonia MBreda, rocks and white sand.
Additional Information My first aquascape, I'm very proud and I know that is no special fish tank, but for me, is. And I will make better for the next year!

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