#523: 359L Aquatic Garden Millefeuilla Foresta

Chonlatee Jaturonrusmee Bangkok, Thailand


A ton of maintenance must go into maintaining this scape. The biggest issue is that almost every inch of space is used so there's no negative space to help reinforce the focal point.
— Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 120 × 50 cm
Title Millefeuilla Foresta
Volume 359L
Lighting Chihiros Vivid2 *2
Filtration Ehiem 2217*2
Plants Taxiphyllum sp. Flame ,Eleocharis parvulus Min ,Bolbitis Heudelotii ,Anubias nana ,US Fissidens Fontanus ,Hygrophila pinnatifida ,Staurogyne sp ,Pearl grass ,Rotala wayanad ,Rotala Rio ,Isoetes vetata varsicula ,Chrismas moss ,Bucephalanda
Animals Penguin tetra ,Red Cherry Shrimp
Materials Driftwood, rocks

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