#543: 1L Wabi-Kusa Suket

Rigan gesang ade ginanjar Bengkulu, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Beautiful Wabi-Kusa! I especially like the way the Myriophyllum accents the design in the aquascape. Great job!
— Bailin Shaw
Plants look healthy and like the varied textures and colors. The wood looks like they are not all the same color- or are they different types of wood? That is very distracting and doesn't make it look cohesive.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Lovely true little Wabi-Kusa all elements true to the art form and allowed to grow out properly. Nice job! Perhaps a little more delicate wood would have been more in keeping with the delicate plants. Also a container that didn't hem it in quite so rigidly.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 cm
Title Suket
Volume 1L
Lighting Matahari
Filtration manual
Plants ludwigia, rotala, montecarlo, hydrocotyle,aromatika, Myriophyllum
Materials Wabi ball,, soil,,lokalsand,lavarock,wood
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