#555: 84L Biotope Aquascape The coastal area of the sangatta river

Ronny blythe Sangatta, Indonesia


General Impression/Faithful Reproduction & Accuracy of Plants and Animals:
There is not enough information provided to determine the accuracy of this biotope. Please use complete scientific nomenclature when identifying the plants and animals in the biotope. From what I can see the plants and animals are probably found in southeast Asia but without the complete identification it is impossible to judge the accuracy of the biotope.

Accuracy of Hardscape:
The terms for the hardscape materials are not searchable using Google so it is impossible to determine their accuracy.

The water does not appear clear plants do not have full growth and the photography is not clear enough to judge the health of the fish.
— Ted Judy
We don't really have any information with which to judge your tank as a biotope. You haven't even told us what species of fish you have used.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title The coastal area of the sangatta river
Volume 84L
Background Blue
Lighting Light Led
Filtration Hanging out
Plants Tiger lotus, ceraptoris, hairgrass
Animals Rasbora
Materials Scorea stone, gradang wood, mrakas root,white sand
Additional Information Ide tercetus dari pond di suatu wilayah sangatlah kutim

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