#582: 250L Aquatic Garden The Valley of Whispering Roses

Marita Kivioja Polvijärvi, Finland

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 121 × 41 × 55 cm
Title The Valley of Whispering Roses
Volume 250L
Background A piece of white textured wall paper with a layer of frosted glass dc-fix on
Lighting Main light: Juwel helialux spectrum 1200
Supporting light: 100 cm led bar with white and blue leds.
Background sunset: Small led bar with one layer of orange tissuepaper (meant for arts and crafts) . This light is only used for special occasions.
Filtration Inner filtration:
EHEIM PowerLine XL, 2252, 3 containers
Aquael Pat Mini for water movement and small supportive dirt catcher.
Plants Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala “Orange Juice”
Rotala “Colorata”
Rotala “Green”
Rotala “H’ra”
Rotala Pearl
Rotala Wallichii
Ludwigia Palustris “Red”
Ludwigia Senegalensis (Guinea)
Limnophila Hippuridoides
Limnophila “Vietnam Mini”
Limnophila Aromatica “Mini”
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini'
Pogostemon Erectus
Proserpinaca Palustris “Cuba”
Hydrocotyle Verticillata
Hydrocotyle Tripartita mini
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Nymphaea Santarem
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown
Cryptocoryne ? (wendtii green?)
Cryptocoryne ? (wendtii 'Tropica'?)
Bucephalandra Lamandau “Mini Red”
Bucephalandra Brownie Black
Bucephalandra Sekadau Mini
Bucephalandra “Small Dark Red”
Bucephalandra Deep Purple
Bucephalandra Aqua Artica
Bucephalandra Kedagang
Microsorum Pteropus “Trident”
Fissidens Fontanus
Anubias Nana
Anubias nana bonsai
Anubias nana paxing
Anubian nana snow white
Persicaria sp. ‘Sao Paulo’
Piptospatha ridleyi
Helanthium tenellum green
Cryptocoryne parva
Marcilea hirsuta
Blyxa Japonica
Plagiomnium Affine
Animals Fish:
13 Lambchop rasbora (Trigonostigma espei)
35 green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulans)
12 Corydoras Panda

Countless number of cherry shrimp
12 Amano shrimp
12 nertina snails
Materials Substrate: Sand
Rocks: Petrified wood
Wood: redmoorwood
Additional Information This is my first rescape and it has been a long but delightful journey to get to this point. I had this contest as my goal and I made it. I have participated in one contest before with a snap picture of my first hardscape, so this AGA contest is also the first competition I had to take a real Final photo. My aquarium is housing a lot of plants. Mainly it's built for the plants and fish. I love plants and don't have a second tank to serve as a nursery working at the moment, so the species list is massive. Also I would love to have an external filter, but I am not allowed to have one in this rented house, so I have to work with inner filtrations. I have been using DIY-Co2 but upgrading very shortly to pressurized system.

The idea behind the scape came from Ludwigia palustris looking like red roses and these roses whisper little secrets to by passers at sunset.

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