#590: 19L Wabi-Kusa The summit

Brett Garcia Bremerton, United States


Beautiful natural growth of the moss on the driftwood extending out of the water portion of your Wabi-Kusa. Good contrast of color and texture. I would have liked to see the water portion of your design more clearly. Great job!
— Bailin Shaw
Very nice moss-covered stump. Obviously took great care of this over a long period of time to get the moss to grow that way making that wood look very old. However other plants arranged is a very straight lines which makes those areas look unnatural.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Nice lush growth and extra points for flowers. ;-) It is almost too "tight" in this container though. I know there is water because I can see the water lettuce and you tell us you are using a pump. But we can't SEE it because everything is so packed in. Visually it needs a little space to breathe. The same plant mass in a little larger vessel would work better.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm
Title The summit
Volume 19L
Background N/A
Lighting LED, 7000k for 14 hours a day
Filtration Small pump located in water pumping water up to top of small stump with sponge at output
Plants Bucephalandra Green Wavy, Alternanthera Reineckii, Ammania Bonsai, S. Repens, Utricularia graminifolia, Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’, Dwarf Water Lettuce, Monte Carlo, Christmas Moss,
Animals N/A
Materials Flourite black soil, locally found rock, small stump that plants are growing on
Additional Information No specific ferts added, I do top off with aquarium water occasionally. Inspiration came from walking in the Pacific Northwest rainforest with moss and green foliage covering just about everything.

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