#620: 863L Paludarium Greenosis

任杰 太原市, China


Terrestrial component is beautifully done! You need more aquatic plants and most importantly your lizard will not survive in this environment. It needs to be moved out immediately.
— Cory Nudelman
The scape itself is extremely attractive and well designed. The tree structure is very well designed. All of the plantings make this look like a mini jungle. However I'm not sure why a bearded dragon was included in this setup.
— Tanner Serpa
Not enough development of water area. I HOPE the bearded dragon was put there as a joke. Totally inappropriate for this type of environment and does nothing but bring your score down.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 120 cm
Title Greenosis
Volume 863L
Background Clear
Lighting Galaxy led light for vivarium GLV-120 Led
Filtration Dophin C1600
Plants Bromelioideae,Tillandsia, Dendrobium nobile lindl, Acorus calamus L., Sarracenia, Bucephalandra, Equisetum hyemale L. ,Bauallia bullata, Peperomia prostrata, Selaginella tamariscina spring, Thuidiaceae,
Animals Pogona vitticeps, Puntius tetrazona
Materials Rhododendron root, black volcanic, Mekong river sand ,

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