#640: 432L Paludarium New Life 2020

John Tran Melbourne, Australia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
This is beautifully scaped however you have far too many fish for what appears to be thirty gallons of water.
— Cory Nudelman
The textures and interest created by all of the plants in this one looks incredible. I also really like the arch created with the hardscape. If there's anything I would change it's the spider wood on the right side of the tank. Personally I would move it to the left a few inches.
— Tanner Serpa
I really like your tank... EXCEPT... you need about half as many fish of one quarter as many species. It makes me dizzy trying to even SEE what all is in there!!! Just way too busy down there. Even if you think the tank can support them all (and it really can't without stress) it would just LOOK much prettier with a better thought-out population!

That could be said a LITTLE bit for the land area too; if there is one thing you need overall it is a little bit of editing.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 60 cm
Title New Life 2020
Volume 432L
Lighting 4 x AI Prime Freshwater LED
Filtration UP-Aqua Canister Filter
Plants Anubias nana,. Cryptocoryne sp., Microsorum pteropus, Bolbitis heudelotti, Bucephalandra sp., Bromeliad neoregelia, Pellionia repens, Pinguicula sp., Nepenthes sp. Spanish moss, Monstera deliciosa, Ficus pumilia minima, Subwassertang, Taxiphyllum sp., Tillandsia sp., Philodendron 'Micans', Selaginella, Nymphaea zenkeri, Beonia sp., Dendrobium Hamana Lake, Chamaedorea elegans, Vesicularia montagnei
Animals Neon tetra, Cardinal tetra, Glowlight tetra, Corydoras barbatus, Rummynose tetra, Harlequin rasbora, Otocinclus, White fin tetra, Dwarf loach, Panda corydoras, Apistogramma sp., Ember tetra, Corydoras adolfoi, Corydoras CW057, Brochis splendens, Corydoras paleatus, Corydoras aeneus, Black widow tetra
Materials Goldvine driftwood, locally sourced rocks, natural river sand
Additional Information Humidity and moisture is provided by three elements:
1. Misting system on a timer
2. A water pump connected to a manifold that drips water at certain points. The dripping also adds audio and visual effects.
3. Ultrasonic humidifer which also adds fog for effect.
Z-Aquatics ELXR Potassium and Iron+Trace

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