#745: 5L Wabi-Kusa Fluffy hill

Nemashkalo Valeriy Kharkiv, Ukraine


Nice use of Ohko stone for the design and a good mixture of color and texture for the plants. To really make this Wabi-Kusa stand out add some plants that can reach vertically to open space of the container. Good job.

Lack of water?
— Bailin Shaw
Moss and plants look healthy and I like the contrast of fine texture red bigger leaves round green leaves. Greater height would have added to the overall balance. Looks like it needs to grow in a little more to make it mature.
— Jo Ann Fujii
This BARELY qualifies as a Wabi-Kusa for this contest where the “water” level is actually below the level of the substrate. Planting also feels very new and immature.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm
Title Fluffy hill
Volume 5L
Background White paint
Lighting Led 10 W
Filtration None
Plants Hydrocotyle tripartita,Alternanthera reineckii sp. "Mini",Moss sp. Bubble,Anubias Glabra Variegated
Animals None
Materials Dragonstone

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