#808: 57L Aquatic Garden The Stepping Stone

Chor Wei Kang Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Nice take on a forest scene. I like the smoother rocks particularly with the Protomyzon. It just seems like the forest could be a little thicker and the moss on the branches could be better attached/maintained and not all at the same horizontal level.
— Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 34 × 34 cm
Title The Stepping Stone
Volume 57L
Background White frosted sticker
Lighting Chihiros A501
Filtration Dophin CF300
Plants Vesicularia ferriei
Vesicularia montagnei
Anubias nana petite
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Eleocharis acicularis
Micranthemum tweediei 'Monte Carlo'
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Cryptocoryne wendtii brown
Cryptocoryne parva
Juncus repens
Rotala rotundifolia (red)
Rotala rotundifolia (green)
Pogostemon erectus
Animals Rummynose tetra (12)
Protomyzon whiteheadi (6)
Typus shrimp (12)
Nerite snail (3)
Materials River rock, Senggani root
Additional Information Inspired by woods next to Sunsuron river, Sabah, Malaysia

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