#830: 27L Aquatic Garden Aquakum garden

Aditia Kurniawan Bogor, Indonesia


Love the use and mix of plants. great health good balance between tones huge contrast dark green/pink or red. A different and really well done aquascape. Top10 for me!
— Juan Puchades

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Aquakum garden
Volume 27L
Background Clear
Lighting Kandila s300, 2 pcs
Filtration Hang on filter atman hf 0300
Plants Rotala h.ra
Rotala rotundfolia
Rotala orange juice
Rotala red blood
Weeping moss
Flame moss
Mini christmass moss
Mini hairgras
Eriocaulon sp vietnam
Buchephalandra mini coin
Cross lacustris varigata
Animals Cardinal tetra
Red cherry shrimp
Nerite snail
Materials Serventine rock

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