#855: 121L Paludarium Farm life

Rogério Monteiro de Souza São Paulo, Brazil


The aquatic plants need to be pulled away from the glass in center.
— Cory Nudelman
The water area is a little chaotic. You need less fish and a little more planning there. Kudos for actually PLANTING the water section though!
— Karen Randall
This is a pretty unique scape that mimics the look of the countryside quite well. Most of the elements are placed in appropriate locations but I think the Tradescantia zebrina in the foreground is out of place.
— Tanner Serpa

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 30 cm
Title Farm life
Volume 121L
Background foam structure
Lighting Homemade lamp, 8 bulbs 6500k 16w Philips.
Filtration Canister Sunsun Hw-5000
Plants Latana Camara, Tradescantia zebrina, Camaradinha, Hypoestes, Hydrocolyle tripartita, Sedun sexangulare, Marchantia, Jatropha, Oxalis spiralis, Anubia nana, Aspargo samambaia, Hedera Canabienses, Soleirolia soleirolii, Hemianthus Cuba, Murta comum, Crassula Muscosa, Sedum Oreganum, Jatropha, Riccia fluitans, Nimphaea tiger lótus, Echinodorus, Bacopa, Myriop hyllun, Anubia Lancelata, Amazonense, Rotala.
Animals Lebistes, Rodóstomo, Tanichthys, camarões neocaridinas, Pomaceas, Paulistinha rosa, Paulistinha véu, Molinesia, Planorbella duryi, Bivalves.
Materials Mbreda Amazonia substrate, Rock mining.
Additional Information About this Paludarium, inspiration:
The countryside, also known as the rural area, is the place where people live on farms, farms, farms, farms, or even small buildings with lots of space for planting and raising animals. In the countryside, we don't have as many buildings as in the city. People live in buildings with huge green areas. The countryside is free of pollution, people have a higher quality of life, although there is not so much technology.

Most of the people who live in the rural area work in the fields, in agriculture, planting and harvesting food necessary for our survival. In addition, in the countryside many people raise animals and products that are marketed in the city. Let's see what life is like for these people who live in the countryside.

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