#863: 22L Aquatic Garden "A clearing in the jungle"

Ivan Danielov Vladev Sofia, Bulgaria

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 38 × 20 × 29 cm
Title "A clearing in the jungle"
Volume 22L
Background Black paper
Lighting 2.6W LED aquarim light
Filtration HAILEA HL-BT200 internal filter.
Plants Anubias barteri var. "nana"; Cryptocorine wendtii "green"; Microsorum pteropus, Hygrophila corymbosa; Bolbitis heudelotii, Limnophila sessiliflora, Pogostemon erectus, Nymphoydes sp. Taiwan, Taxiphyllum barbieri (java moss).
Animals 1 x Betta Splendens; 1 x Neocaridina davidi (red cherry shrimp)
Materials Malaisian driftwood
Additional Information The substrate is comprised of Denerle Deponit mix, topped off with a mix of aquarium gravel. The tank gets fertilised weekly with general aquarium liquid fertilizer from EasyLife. I was inspired by a couple of pieces of malaisian driftwood, which I had at home. They ended up being the main portion of the hardscape.

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