#864: 250L Aquatic Garden Cryptocoryne-land

Claudio Olivares Abarca Penaflor, Chile


Very natural layout!
I love it!
— Masashi Ono

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Cryptocoryne-land
Volume 250L
Background A mix of clay, humus and silica gravel, covered by more silica gravel.
Lighting 2 lamps chihiros serie a
Filtration Filtre sunsun 200l/h
Plants Cryptocoryne Spiralis, cryptocoryne undulata, cryptocoryne walkeri, cryptocoryne tropica, cryptocoryne nurii rosen maiden, cryptocoryne pink panther, crypto x willisi, cryptocoryne lucens, cryptocoryne costata, cryptocoryne becketi, cryptocoryne Black borneo, cryptocoryne affinis, anubia nana, weeping moss, fissidens fontanus.
Animals Barbos odessa
Materials Volcanic rock
Additional Information Changes for 50% water every week. Fertilization with macro and micronutrients

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