#892: 152L Aquatic Garden Dutch Surrealism

Alexander j. Williamson Seattle, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 36 cm
Title Dutch Surrealism
Volume 152L
Background Nothing
Lighting Fluval 3.0
Filtration 2 40-75 GALLON HOB filters , 2, 250 power heads
Plants Red tiger cryptocoryne spiralis, pink flamingo cryptocoryne, cypress helferi, pogostemon helferi, Christmas moss, Limnophilia aromatica, Limnophilia hippodroites, sygnathus belem, red metallic corkscrew val, rotola macrandra, super red ludwigia, hydrocotol tripartite, prinz kliner sword, rotola walichia, bucephalandra assorted, stargrass, and rotola pink Vietnam mini
Animals 3 powder blue dwarf gouramis, 5 honey gouramis, 5 panda Garra, 12 tinwini danios, 10 coral red pencil fish, 3 tequila sunrise swordtails.
Materials Oregon manzanita Oso jadeite blue, lava rock, sand, Amazonia II, pea gravel, Fluval stratum
Additional Information The idea was originally to create a colorful Dutch/ jungle scape centered around the beautiful wood, however as diatoms and weathering started to hide the wood, I shifted from a fast flowing hillstream jungle tank with danios, panda garras and catfish, to a flooded jungle style- tannin rich tank and later photos show the gouramis and swordtails that were added (and spawned for me!).

I try and make all my tanks fairly low maintenance, and I always want animals and life on the bottom, in the mid layer and the surface, as well as at least having 3 species spawning successfully in a tank. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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