#146: 330L Aquatic Garden Sukat bejaye

Thoyib akarkayu Kalianda, Indonesia


A forest from a different point of view.
This isn't just one more Forest Layout. Another point of view was exposed to the observer. It looks like those distorted images of photos taken under the trees with a wide angle lens you know?
A different visual effect but maybe with a result not so positive.
The tree parts are well done with good resolution and they look like they are far away. But the foreground is strange. It appears to be floating because of the strange feeling caused by the horn-shaped trunks on the right side of the layout.
Of course it was a great and valid try to innovate but next time it needs to be better executed.
Good job and keep aquascaping!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 55 × 50 cm
Title Sukat bejaye
Volume 330L
Background White wall
Lighting LED 200 watt
Filtration Chanister eheim+ undergravel
Plants Mos weeping,peacock,minichrismas,fissiden,chriptocoryne,anubias,bucephalandra,rotala rotundevolia,bolbytis,java vern,ludwigia,vinnatifida,
Animals Neon cardinal
Materials Santigi wood

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