#187: 13.2L Aquatic Garden Encounter

Marcos Carrah Júnior Fortaleza, Brazil


Interesting layout for a such small aquarium. I don't know if the idea was a good one or if the aquarium was too small. In other words everything is very tight in this little tank.
You can see that the author has a sense of aesthetics and space that knows how to work with plants their texture and size and he has a good sense of perspective but I would advise on the next attempt to use a larger aquarium... maybe a 60 liter tank will offer more space and opportunities for all that talent.
Don't give up dude you have skills!!!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 20 × 22 cm
Title Encounter
Volume 13.2L
Background withe paint
Lighting Nemo light 12W
Filtration Mini Canister Sunsun HBL801
Plants Anubia barteri "Nana"
Anubia barteri "Nana Petit"
Anubia barteri "Nana Petit Golden"
Bucephalandra sp. "Brownie Phoenix"
Bucephalandra sp. "Sitang"
Fissidensis Fontanus
Hidrocotyle tripartita "mini"
Hemianthus Micrathemoides
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Marsilea Angustifolia
Microssorum pteropus "windelov"
Microssorum narrow leaf
Myriophillum Tuberculatum
Rotala "Indica"
Vesicularia ferriei "Weeping Moss"
Vesicularia Montagnei "Christmas Moss"
Animals 17 Dannio Margaritatus
Materials ADA Amazonia Soil, ADA Amazonia Powder, Cosmetic Sand, ADA Gravel, driftwood
Additional Information Cilinder Plantados 3 Kg and valve solenoid Plantados.
Seachem Complete Fertilization
Cooler for temperature control in 27 Degrees
3 TPAs per week
Plants used by Chacara Takeyoshi and Aquaplante

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