#218: 23.6L Aquatic Garden Escapade forest

Jeconiah Tan Jia Hao Singapore, Singapore

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 25 × 21 cm
Title Escapade forest
Volume 23.6L
Background Black Oyama sticker was pasted on to the background
Lighting Lightning used : Twinstar Light III 450
CO2 : 1-2 bubbles per second
Filtration Shiruba XB-305 canister filter
Plants - Various species of Buceplandra
- Various species of Anubias
- Crinium
- Echindoros
- Rotala Bonsai
- Cryptocoryne parva
- AR Mini
- Frog bits
Animals - Mosquito Rasboras
- Chilli Rasboras
- Red Cherry Shrimps
- Pygmy Corys
- Bumblebee Snail
Materials 3 pieces of Spiderwood joined together
Tropica Substrate and Tropica soil was added.
Small stones added to foreground too.
Additional Information My inspiration for this escapade forest comes from our country , Singapore, which is a small country but with small forest.
I named it as an escapade forest because it takes me back to the forest to relax my mind whenever i am feeling stress.

Fertilisation added : Tropica Specialised Nutrition 1-2 pumps every alternate days.

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