#225: 162L Aquatic Garden Serra da Mantiqueira

Fernando Moraes OSASCO, Brazil


What a dynamic and colourful job!!!
At first let me tell that I LOVE the SERRA DA MANTIQUEIRA maybe is my favourite spot to be in touch with nature!!!
Well after that let me say something about the awesome movement and good job with levels and plateaus. Good details in the path and the overall layout with special mention for the excellent background area with amazing impression of distance and perspective.
Great choice and mix of plants well placed and healthy but more caution about using just the tips of the Rotalas to make the bushes so low because we both know that is not natural isn't it?
Some of the driftwood is unnecessary. Take care with many element repetitions that makes the layout boring predictable almost artificial. There are too many "arms" that invade the center of the layout alternately. The first near the front glass could be smaller to create a better empty area at the foreground with more white sand and then further enhance your beautiful layout!!!
Hopefully Serra da Mantiqueira continues to inspire you so you can create many more layouts like this one!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 40 cm
Title Serra da Mantiqueira
Volume 162L
Background Fundo branco
Lighting 2 luminárias Chihiros série X
Filtration Eheim classic
Plants Rotala Nanjesham, Rotala bonsai, Rotala bsd,Microsorum Windelove,Hidrocotile tripartita mini, Staurugine repens, Pinatiffida, Eleocharis japan,Hemiantus micrantemoides cuba, flame moss,weeping moss, bucephalandra, Anubia petite
Animals 30 Paracheirodon simulans
5 Tucanoichthys tucano
Materials Substrato fértil Prodbio
Rochas e raízes Maxxi
Additional Information Layout inspirado na serra da Mantiqueira na cidade de Campos do Jordão
Fertilização diariamente, com 1 tpa de 50%

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