#237: 243L Aquatic Garden LIFETIME

Marcelo Takeno São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil


Awesome job very strong and natural.
But why use those rocks in the background?
The scale of this job is "micro". Everything is close near to the observer. When the rocks were placed they gave the layout a "macro" scale...that is the rocks transform a good layout of "near logs in the ground of the forest" into a landscape with no scale of depth. Did I made myself clear?
The plants are healthy but the density of the bushes is not adequate. Maybe one more pruning and another regrow and this layout would be in a perfect shape!
The fishes are a little bit big too.
You have the skills just contemplate more nature and this kind of mistake is gone.
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Volume 243L
Background white paper for final photography
Lighting Maxpect ProRazor 175W
Filtration 2 filter Eheim ECCO 2236
Plants Anubia petit
Rotala green
Hydrocotyle Tripartita mini
Limnophila Sessiliflora
Limnophila Vietnam
Ludwigia super mini red
Marsilea hirsuta
Eleocharis Japan
Callitriche sp
Hottonia palustris
Micranthemum sp Montecarlo
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Rotala Nanjenshan
Rotala Vietnam
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Indica
Eleocharis mínima
Staurogyne sp
Lobelia cardinalis variegata
Rotala Wallichii
Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba
Weeping moss
Christmas moss
Helanthium tenellum
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi ( 100 )
Boehlkea fredcochui ( 40 )
Materials ADA Amazonia
ADA Gravel
ADA Colorado Sand
Ryuoh Stone
Additional Information 100% eheim line fertilization every day
water change twice a week at 40%

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