#247: 300L Aquatic Garden Dragon's mirror

Łukasz Ciszkowski Warsaw, Poland


Congratulations nice and colourful layout!
A lot of movement and points of attention. Strong hardscape but a little bit not aligned. The central stone with Pinnatifida attached broke with the harmony and rhythm of the another stones.
More types of species of plants in the middleground would be better mostly plants with round leaves. Just carpet plants at this point make the aquarium monotonous and doesn't help with the sense of depth.
The last comment: Maybe the bushes on the right side seen through the reflection would be better if they were more dense.
— André Longarco
Great use of colors and selection of plants in the tank to achieve a dynamic layout! The hardscape is conflicting because of some of the lines that fight each other.

Keep at it!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Dragon's mirror
Volume 300L
Background The Lightground
Lighting SkyLight Hyperspot L
Filtration 2x Eheim 4+600
Plants Rotala Hr'a, Rotala Green, Monte Carlo, Hemianthus Cuba, Weeping moss, Ludwigia sp. Mini red, Staurogyne repens, Microsorium Mini, Pogestemon Erectus, Echinodorus tenellus, Eurocalion Vietnam, Anubias Nana Petite, Bucephalandra sp, Anubias White, Hydrocotyle Japan, Hygrophila pinatifida
Animals Hemigrammus Bleheri, Sawbwa Resplendens
Materials Dragon Stone, Redmoore, Sand, Master Soil

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