#261: 243L Aquatic Garden Wana Janger

I nyoman marwita Gianyar, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Great work combining a lot of textures and shadows. Maybe more color and a little bit of "sand" in the foreground would better to soften the pressure of the monochrome.
Observing the photo of the hardscape only it's a pity that it was covered by plants. So many textures and much force were hidden and certainly would give more personality to this job.
Congratulations for such an amazing job.
— André Longarco
I like the driftwood treatment especially the background; it is these details which can enhance the layout.
— Dave Chow
Excellent perspective and great use of shadows to create layers. The plant selection and placement is very well done. I can see some of the hardscape and wish there was just a little more showing.

Great job!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Wana Janger
Volume 243L
Background Sunblass
Lighting 184 watt
Filtration Atman 3338
Plants Micranthemum monte carlo, eleocharis parvula, buchelapandra mini coin, buchelapandra sp sengkadau, altennatera reinickki mini tropica, stourogyne repen, lilaopsis brasiliens, sagitaria sabulata, cryptocoryne wendii brown, eriocaulon vietnam, hidrocotyl tripartita, crepidomanes, vesicularia dubyana, vesicularia ferrieri, hemianthus micrantemoides, higrophila pinatifida, anubias nana var pettit, rotla HRA, rotala collorata, taxiphillum sp flame, echinodorus tenelus
Animals Hemigrammus beheri, crossocheilus oblogus, red srimp, yellow srimp, lokal srimp
Materials Pumice, aquasehat.master soil. Turly stone.arabika wood,kasirem wood.
Additional Information Im so happy to following AGA contest, i hope this contest going to be success contest in the world.

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