#293: 300L Aquatic Garden Over Come

Huynh Hai Tp. Thu Duc , Tp. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Very good project well executed and with harmony. However the trimming technique must be improved. The mosses are too rounded and the plants at the background are too wild and confused. This kind of appearance gives the job a sense of chaos and confusion.
Almost all plants in the foreground are left over. In this position just a cosmetic gravel and small rocks would be better and would give a better sensation less messy and full of information.
But please keep aquascaping you have good sense of perspective just get a few details of proportion and aesthetics right. Congratulations!
— André Longarco
Very good wood scape layout it perfectly presents the beauty of aquascaping!
— Dave Chow
Excellent composition and use of plants! The foreground however feels disjointed from the rest of the tank as the plants seem to be placed randomly and without much pattern to them.

Well done keep at it!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Over Come
Volume 300L
Lighting ADA Solar RGB x 3 . lighting 10 hours a day
Filtration DIY Filter 12L x 2 . Seachem Matrix , Seachem Purigen, EHEIM Substrat
Plants Microsorum pteropus "Narrow", Bucephalandra, Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo', Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, Wepping moss, Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Animals Hyphessobrycon
Materials ADA Amazonia, ADA Power Sand, Dopping ADA. Tiger Rock, Driftwood
Additional Information I once went into a forest located in an area where the two sides of the cliffs overlapped to form a scene of natural grandeur that nature has to offer. it's a great idea for me to implement this idea

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