#342: 144L Aquatic Garden "Passion, perseverance, determination"

Colombo angelo roberto Aragona, Italy

Awards and Comments

Third Place
I like the way of the shade plant treatment it makes the aquascape full of detail! The hardscape mixed with several layer of plants make the audience feel dizzy in this wonderland.
— Dave Chow
Interesting layout colorful and well developed.
The proportion 3:2 is very pleasant but unfortunately everything is on the same plane. This sensation is caused because we have no transition areas between foreground and background so everything is on the same plane.
Maybe some hardscape in the middleground or more empty spaces in these areas would help to break this flat sensation.
The shadows on the left side are very good but the other side could be stronger. This effect causes an imbalance in the weight of the layout. And last but not least the foreground is very squeezed in the front glass. It accentuates the flat sensation.
But it is undoubtedly a great job very natural.
— André Longarco
A vibrant layout and very healthy plants! The shadows created by the hardscape complement the layout well however the foreground to midground is very large without much depth.

Wonderful work!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 45 × 40 cm
Title "Passion, perseverance, determination"
Volume 144L
Background Hand made panel
Lighting 1x twinstar 900s
Filtration Askoll pratiko 300
Animals 27x hyphessobrycon amandae, 8x crossocheilus siamensis
Materials Skin wood, ryuoh stone,
Additional Information due cambi d'acqua settimanali 30%

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