#377: 360L Aquatic Garden Royal Garden

Muhd Al Amin Bin Kamarudin Kajang, Malaysia


Very vibrant and lush plant growth immaculate! The colors and pruning are well executed. I can see the care that went into growing plants well. The hardscape is a little disconnected and feels pieced together. The two large elements aren't connected together through smaller supportive pieces.

Keep it up!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Title Royal Garden
Volume 360L
Background White Frosted
Lighting Chihiros Vivid II two units
Filtration Fluval 407 and Fluval 307
Plants Rotala Hra, Rotala Blood Red, Rotala Macandra Bangladesh, Rotala Green, Christmas Moss, Flame Moss, Coral Moss, Mini Fissiden Moss, Java Moss, Anubias Barteri, Anubias Nana Petite, Monte Carlo, Mini Hair Grass, Cyperus Helferi, Sagittaria Subulata, Bucephalandra
Animals Harlequin Rasbora (3), Ember Tetra (13), Red Cherry Shrimp (50)
Materials Black Lava Rock, Teak Wood, Crashed Black Lava Rock and ADA La Plata Sand
Additional Information This is my first year ever in aquascape contest. I purposely set up this tank when I see the in my local facebook aquascape group. From there, I start to learn and do the aquascape seriously. I found that I'm in love with this hobby. I'm really hope that I can be in the Top 10 rank to encourage me to do more and better scape in future and keep my passion in this hobby. I'm really hope that. I did and maintain the tank all by myself and I'm really love the progress. Now I start to appreciate the natural and the plants surrounding me wherever I go. I have no background in the art, drawing, painting or photography but I really work hard for this contest. I learned lots of things and thank you for giving me the lovely opportunity to participate in this contest. The contest really change my life and my perspective towards the natural. Thank you.

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